An Update

We’ve been very busy with all the kitties, but we want to take a minute to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated. This week, we received boxes of bottles, toys, litter, and other items. We’ve even received funds towards our vet bills. We can’t thank the community enough for their support!

Tonight, we had a break through with Onyx. He was trapped and called in by a resident saying he was feral and rabid a month or so back. Tonight, for the very first time, he sat in my lap and purred. He wasn’t 100% trusting, but he did it without any fight! This is huge for him and we’re so happy that he’s taken this step!

The three piece combo (Herb, Colonel, and Sandy) have appointments to be altered this week.

The three newest bottle babies have officially weaned this week! We haven’t had a bottle in three days!

Hopefully, life will get more normal here now. We hope to update with photos and even adoption options soon as well as t-shirt pre-orders.

Thanks again, everyone!

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