Hello! Interested in learning more about Old Scratch?

We are a proudly secular cat and kitten rescue based in middle Tennessee with a dark aesthetic. 

Cat Adoption

We find homes for the cats that stay at our shelter.


We support TNR (trap, neuter, release) programs to help reduce the feral cat population.


We share articles and information to help everyone be a better pet parent.

Pet Healthcare

All of our animals receive vet care and support.

Lost & Found

We work with our local community to get lost pets back home.

Foster House

We assist other rescue organizations by providing safe harbor.

Current Residents

Cats Placed in New Homes

Fantastic Volunteers


Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I adopt a pet?

We are working hard to get our online adoption form ready, in the meantime send us an email, fill out our contact form, or give us a call.

How can I help your organization?

Donations are always appreciated, click here to visit our donations page. We are always looking for fosters and volunteers. You can also check out our Amazon wishlist.  You may also drop off donations at our Adoption Center at the Tullahoma Animal Shelter.

I want to help animals too! How can I join you?

We are so excited you want to help! Contact us to request a volunteer or foster application. You may also volunteer at our adoption center at the Tullahoma Animal Shelter to feed cats and clean their area.

Why are you called "Old Scratch"?

Old Scratch is a nickname or pseudonym for the Devil. The name likely comes from Middle English scrat, the name of a demon or goblin. We chose this name for two reasons:

  1. To distinguish ourselves from other rescues that have less than secular idealogoy.
  2. To bring awareness to the plight of cats in rural, southern states in the US.

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